You can filter your publication’s newsletter subscribers based on different criteria. To filter your email list, go to the “Subscribers” drop-down at the top of your my.curated page. From this drop-down, click “Email Subscribers".

You can filter your newsletter subscribers based on the following criteria:

  • Status
  • Source
  • Activity
  • Audience


“Status” is the current status of the email subscriber in relation to your newsletter. 

  • Active is a subscriber who has opted in to your newsletter (if double opt-in is enabled) and is receiving each email you send.
  • Unsubscribed is a past subscriber who has unsubscribed from your newsletter.
  • Spam is a past subscriber who has marked one of your newsletter issues as spam. Marking an issue as spam will immediately unsubscribe that email address from your newsletter.
  • Bounced are subscribers who have an email address that has been unable to receive an email from you. Bounces fall into two categories, soft or hard bounce. Read more about Bounces here. 
  • Pending Confirmation are subscribers who you have sent a reconfirmation email to that have not confirmed their subscription. The Pending Confirmation status does not include subscribers who have not completed the double opt-in flow.


“Source” is the source that a subscriber subscribed to your newsletter from.

  • Publication Site is the website that is default with each Curated publication. Anyone who subscribes using the subscription form on your publication site is marked with the “Publication Site” source.
  • Manual is for any subscriber who you manually added to your email list, either by adding a single email subscriber or importing a list.
  • API is the source of any subscriber that’s subscribed to your publication through any method that uses Curated’s API, such as a Zap from Zapier or the embeddable subscription form.


The “Activity” filter allows you to filter your subscribers based on whether or not they have clicked a link inside of your newsletter in the past 2, 4, 6, or 12 months.

Filtering your list by Activity is a great way to see which subscribers you may want to reconfirm.


The “Audience” filter can be used to filter between your Paid and Free subscribers. Paid subscribers are those who have successfully entered their credit card information and are actively subscribed to your paid newsletter